• Medium-sized business in Ukraine: Terra incognita or "hidden" Mittelstand

    IERs bring to your attention the new "Medium-Sized Business Survey 2023", which is made possible through the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. In preparing this study, IERs goal was to raise awareness among stakeholders in Ukraine and...
  • Wage policy in the industrial business: pre- and post-crisis performance

    We continue to present the results of our studies of the impact of the crisis on economic activity in the country. Salary is an important indicator of success as an individual enterprise and the economy. In May 2010 we conducted a special survey in...
  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.1 (31)

    In February the Industrial Confidence Indicator made up -0.15. After the increase in October compared to July by 12 points (from -0.13 to -0.01), it has decreased by 14 points in comparison to October 2009. It happened mostly because of the...
  • Quarterly Bank Survey No.2 (7)

    According to the banks, business climate showed no significant changes during 2009. The index of business climate assessment remains at -0.5, close to that of -0.57 for the results of the previous poll. Again, none of the banks evaluates business...
  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.4 (30)

    In October the Industrial Confidence Indicator made up -0.01. After the decrease in July compared to April by 1 point (from -0.12 to -0.13), it has increased by 12 points in comparison to July. In October the Industrial Confidence Indicator made up...
  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.3 (29)

    In July the Industrial Confidence Indicator made up -0.13. After the sharp increase in April compared to February by 28 points (from -0.39 to -0.11), it has decreased by 2 points in comparison to April. In July the Industrial Confidence Indicator...
  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.2 (28)

    In April the Industrial Confidence Indicator equals 0.11. After the decrease in February 2009 compared to November 2008 by 12 points (from 0.27 to 0.39), it has sharply increased by 28 points in comparison to February. In April the Industrial...
  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.1 (27)

    The Industrial Confidence Indicator decreased from -0.27 in the 4th quarter to -0.39 in the 1st quarter of 2009. It happened because of the significant deterioration of the production plans of the enterprises for the next 3 months. The Industrial...
  • Quarterly Bank Survey No.1 (5)

    From neutral assessments in Summer 2008 by the end of the year banks shift to the negative ones. General economic situation index has decreased from zero to -0.67. If in the previous survey neutral assessments dominated (81.8%), and the shares of...
  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.4 (26)

    The Industrial Confidence Indicator decreased from 0.05 for the 3rd quarter of 2008 to 0.27 for the 4th quarter which is the lowest value since 2003. Just as in the previous quarter the indicator decrease is essentially due to deteriorating...
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