USAID "Leadership in Economic Governance" Program

Information about the USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program, in which the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting participates. 

Timeframe of the Program: December 2014 – December 2017


The goal of the Program is to improve business climate in Ukraine by joining the efforts of a highly-active, reform-oriented civil society and government institutions for the necessary policy changes, drafting and implementing the legislation, and ensuring specific institutional reforms to facilitate the development of small and medium enterprises (SME). The efficient and sustainable legislative framework that will develop in Ukraine in line with the principles and practices of the European Union, will contribute to the gradual integration of Ukraine into European and world markets.


The Program will work on the national level and on regional levels in close cooperation with the government of Ukraine and regional authorities, ministries and parliamentary committees, business associations, regional development agencies, think tanks, and NGOs.


The Program's activities are aimed at assisting SME support reforms and establishing sustainable public-private dialogue by using the tools of building the potencial and institutional capacity of the participating organizations, in particular those that are able to maintain a constructive dialogue with the authorities regarding the choice of the policies that will ensure the competitiveness of the private sector.


The Program's objectives: 

  • Identify legal, regulatory, and administrative measures that improve the business environment for Ukrainian SMEs;
  • Provide support to the central and local governments in drafting, promoting and implementing effective laws, regulations, and procedures that will be based on the results of the analysis of the key legal, regulatory, and administrative barriers;  
  • Coordinate with and support stakeholders in the business community to promote economically practical and fiscally responsible reforms.


Partners of the Program: 

The USAID LEV Program is implemented by the East Europe Foundation in consortium with the Institute for Economic research and Policy Consulting and Kyiv Economic Institute.

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