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  • 28.11.2018

    Public Monitoring of Customs Authorities Performance: Conclusions and Recommendations

    The report presents the results of the public monitoring of the of the regional customs authorities performance, which was held during June-September 2018 by the NGOs - winners of the grant competition within the framework of the "Trade Facilitation Dialogue" project.
  • 21.11.2018

    Annual Business Climate Assessmnet (ABCA) 2016/2017

    Ukrainian and English versions
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  • 22.10.2018

    Challenging the future of Ukraine: up or down?

    Over the recent weeks, the discussions on the macroeconomic outlook for Ukraine were high on the agenda taking into account high external and domestic risks. The FX payments on state debt are high for next several years, while the NBU was not able to increase international reserves to more safe level.
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  • 09.09.2018


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  • 03.08.2018

    Exporters and importers in Ukraine: Trade facilitation means transparency and clear rules

    A new annual survey of exporters and importers in Ukraine conducted by the IER shows that a customs reform that would bring more transparency and reduce bureaucracy is necessary.
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  • 20.07.2018

    The economic impact of FDI on Ukraine

    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strongly benefits Ukraine. Although only relatively few companies in Ukraine are fully or partly owned by foreign investors, these companies are on average much larger and productive than purely domestic companies and pay higher wages.
  • 13.06.2018

    Intellectual Property Rights in Ukraine: Sluggish Reforms

    Intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement when done right are one of the fundamental conditions for innovation and competition. Ukraine’s strategic documents list protection of IP rights among policy priority. However, the implementation of IP-related reforms remains slow. This was noticed by the Western partners of Ukraine, which are expecting radical changes in the field of IPR protection and enforcement.
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  • 02.05.2018

    The SOE governance reform is under a risk

    Overall, Ukraine had 3392 SOE with aggregated assets at UAH 1.6 trillion in September 2017 (for the comparison, there are 301 SOE in Poland and 371 SOE in Hungary). According to the data of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT), only 1611 SOE were in operation in the first nine months of 2017. 1051 SOE reported profits, while other were loss making. The MEDT assessed positively the management efficiency of only 22 out of 84 entities that manage SOE.
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  • 27.04.2018

    EU coverage in Ukrainian regional media: leading and lagging regions

    4 regions of Ukraine provide 45% of all news related to the European integration in Ukraine. On the other hand, whole areas of the north and central Ukraine are noticeably lagging behind.
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  • 22.03.2018

    After going through emergency gas shortage this winter, Ukraine should pursue higher energy independence

    The late February was marked by the victory celebration at the Ukrainian gas market as Ukrainian Naftogaz won the case on gas transit against the Russian Gazprom at the Stockholm Arbitrage Court. Together with almost USD 2 bn that the Naftogaz owes the Gazprom in the gas case, the Naftogaz net win is USD 2.6 bn. However, already on March 1, 2018, Russia used the same tactic against Ukraine as it did in 2009, namely refusing to supply gas to Ukraine. What necessary steps Ukraine should take to protect itself from political gas emergencies?
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