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  • 02.12.2005

    The new authorities: Business assessments & expectations in 2005

    Poll period:  2005
    • At the beginning of 2005 business expected from the new authorities Complex and consistent measures aiming at (1) enhance the predictability of the business environment, (2) reduce social taxes and (3) establish equal rules of the game for all.
    • The beginning of the 2005 the business confidence to new Authority was the greatest and it reflected to significant increase in business optimism
    • In April the share of respondents expected improvement of business climate in the next half of a year amounted 29,8%
    • In April firms planned to increase their production: 51,0% of respondents planned to increase their volume of production in the next 3-4 months
    • 41% of managers positively evaluate the first 100 days of new Government activity, and only 17,2% of respondents were not satisfied with new Government's activity
    • Business optimism significantly decreased in the second half of a year. In August the percent of respondents expected positive changes in business climate in the next half of a year amounted only 8,3%.
    • Decrease in business optimism also influenced on production plans of enterprises, which were lower, than they could be with regard to the fact, that at the middle of the year one can usually observe the peak of business activity
    • But former "optimists" did not become "pessimists". The majority of managers (76,9%) expect neither positive nor negative changes in business environmental during next six months.
    Authors:  Kuziakiv Oksana
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