• Trade Facilitation in Ukraine: Business Assessment and Expectations. Executive Summary based on the IV Wave of the Annual Survey of Ukrainian Importers and Exporters


    The survey shows the clear demand for reform of customs in Ukraine in accordance with the requirements and commitments of Ukraine in the Association Agreement with the European Union. Inadequate quality of transport infrastructure, unpredictable trade policy, and overwhelming bureaucracy at customs are top obstacles for exporting, while importing is hampered by complicated customs legislation and non-transparent customs valuation of goods.

    Although the assessment of customs performance improved in 2018 compared to 2017, most respondents believe that the customs needs change. As in the previous year, regional assessments of customs performance vary. Assessment of customs performance improved in 13 regions, deteriorated in five regions, and remained unchanged in seven regions in 2018 compared to 2017. Flawed customs legislation, lack of transparency and openness at the customs, corruption, intentional overstatement of customs value of goods, and outdated technical equipment have remained the main problems in the work of the customs over all the four annual iterations of this survey.

    To download the executive summary, click on the attached file below

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