• Ukraine's Fight Against Corruption: The Economic Front. Economic Assessment of Anticorruption Measures Implemented 2014-2018. Research Report



    The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting preliminary estimated that the total economic gain from anticorruption measures is at 6% of GDP, or USD 6 BN. This is the result of significant progress in overcoming corruption through a radical change in the rules of the game in the public procurement and gas markets, improvement of tax administration and the introduction of the unparalleled in the history of Ukraine public access to information.

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    Measurement of corruption scale and adequate assessment of the efficiency of anticorruption measure is a challenge for experts, politicians and society. Without such an analysis, it is impossible not only to measure the degree of success in anticorruption strategy but also to adequately adjust its contents, timeframes and mechanisms for respective steps implementation.

    In this report, the IER has primarily focused its attention on the anticorruption measures, which are brought about by reforms aimed at enhancing transparency and openness in the work of the government and increasing the efficiency of public administration. For the purpose of the analysis, a limited number of measures were chosen in the sectors where corruption was traditionally considered as Ukraine’s calling card.

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