Monthly economic monitoring

  • Monthly Economic Monitoring of Ukraine No. 226


    The IER has released the new issue of the Macroeconomic Monitoring of Ukraine (MEMU), which outlines key figures, trends, and events of October 2023.


    • According to the IER estimate, real GDP growth slowed to 6.5% yoy in October from 11.1% yoy in September.

    • Ukraine has successfully broken through the blockade of seaports and was able to resume the sea exports of not only grains but also metals, but so far, the volumes are insufficient.

    • Ukraine has almost completed the repair campaign of power stations before the new heating season.

    • The strike of Polish carriers since November 6 undermines the exports of Ukrainian goods. • The trade deficit in goods and services has reached a new all-time high.

    • The State Budget for 2024, approved by the Parliament, envisages external financing at USD 41 bn: USD 29 bn is not yet guaranteed by international partners.

    • In October, consumer inflation was 5.3% yoy, within the NBU's target. That happened for the first time since 2020, but the economic recovery may lead to more inflation.

    • The NBU did not change operational interest rates, but it changed the definition of the discount rate to be equal to the rate on overnight certificates of deposit. Therefore, the discount rate is now 16% per annum.

    • Changes in the hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar have so far remained small: the hryvnia strengthened by 1.4%


    Issue:  November 2023
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