Archive 2012

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.4 (138)

    • HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH: Social initiatives - New social initiatives on the eve of parliament elections
    • Politics: Ukraine and the European Union initialled the text of the Association Agreement (AA), including provisions on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.
    • Real Sector: Real GDP grew by 5.2% in 2011 due to strong domestic demand.
    • Sectoral news: Gasoline prices continued growing raising discussions on the necessity of state intervetions.
    • External sector: In February current account balance became negative, while financial account balance turned positive.
    • Fiscal policy: Central fiscal expenditures were under-executed due to attempts of the Government to accumulate funds for peak debt payments.
    • Social policy: Real disposable income grew by 6.1% in 2011.
    • Labour market: Labour market remained weak throughout 2011 being characterised by high skills mismatches.
    • Monetary policy: CPI growth decelerated further to 1.9% yoy in March.
    • Financial markets: The Government continued inventing new instruments to ensure higher borrowings.
    Issue:  4 (138) April 2012
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