Archive 2011

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.11 (133)

    • HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH: REGIONAL INTEGRATION - October harvest: completion of talks for two complementary FTAs
    • Politics: Election law draft submitted to the Venice Commission.
    • Real Sector: Manufacturing growth slowed to 6.4% yoy in September due to output decline in export-oriented sectors and to statistical base effect.
    • Sectoral trends: Restructuring of Naftogaz continues.
    • External sector: Balance of payments returned to double current and financial account deficit.
    • Fiscal policy: Verkhovna Rada amended the Tax Code regarding the simplified taxation system.
    • Social policy: Government attempted to streamline social privileges to reduce volume of court-ordered social benefit payments.
    • Labour market: Average wage growth decelerated to 16.5% yoy in September due to slow growth of wages in most sectors.
    • Monetary policy: CPI growth set new record low at 5.4% yoy due to decreased price of fruits and vegetables.
    • Financial markets: Exchange rate slightly depreciated to UAH 8.01 per USD.
    Issue:  11 (133) November 2011
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