Archive 2009

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.8 (106)

    • IMF provided the third tranche of the stand-by loan at USD 3.3 bn.
    • Observed improvements in real sector were associated mostly with lower statistical base effect rather than with significantly higher volumes of production.
    • International investors will provide USD 1.7 bn sovereignguaranteed loan to NJC ‘Naftogas of Ukraine’.
    • Current account deficit shrunk to USD 0.7 bn between January and June.
    • Central fiscal revenues (general fund) contracted by 13.8% yoy in the first half of the year.
    • Average nominal wage increased to UAH 1980 in June.
    • Inflation accelerated to 15.5% in July.
    • Hrynvia depreciated to 7.86 per USD due to significant demand for US dollars from NJS ‘Naftogas of Ukraine’ and speculative operations.
    • HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH: Debt redemption peak - Buffaloed by a debt problem
    Issue:  No.8 (106) August 2009
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