Archive 2008

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.8 (94)

    • The parliament closed its second session with old State Budget.
    • Between January and June real GDP growth slightly decelerated to by 6.3% yoy as trade and manufacturing slowed.
    • Long-distance fixed-line call tariffs were deregulated.
    • In the first half of 2008 current account deficit widened to USD 6.7 bn due to rapid growth of commodity imports.
    • The net FDI inflow reached USD 5.1 bn between January and June due to continued mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector.
    • In June the central fiscal deficit amounted to 0.3% of GDP.
    • Consumer price inflation slowed to 26.8% yoy in June as vegetable prices return to their 2007 level.
    • The NBU Council changed its exchange rate benchmark.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "New rules for electronic money market: the end or new milestone"

    Issue:  No.8 (94) August 2008
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