Archive 2008

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.3 (89)

    • The work of the Parliament remained blocked in February.
    • Real GDP growth decelerated to 4.9% yoy in January due to the contraction of construction.
    • A new scheme of gas deliveries was negotiated between the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine.
    • In February the tender for the 99.52% shares of Odessa by-port plant was launched.
    • In mid-February export grain quotas were finally distributed and grain shipments started.
    • Central fiscal surplus reached 0.9% of GDP in January as the execution of expenditures was low at the beginning of the year.
    • Real household income increase by 16.7% yoy in 2007 supported by increase in wages, social transfers and capital incomes.
    • Inflation rate accelerated to 21.9% yoy in February.
    • The NBU strengthened capital adequacy requirements.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Ukraine is in the World Trade Organisation, almost"

    Issue:  No.3 (89) March 2008
    Research spheres:  Macroeconomics
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