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The MEMU contains a monthly review and brief analysis of the key economic policy measures and data that come public during the previous month. The MEMU supplement presents extended analysis of one key event in the Ukrainian economy. There are 12 issues per year disturbed among subscribers.




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  • 25.12.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.12 (86)

    According to the Derzhkomstat, in the first ten months of the year the real GDP increased by 7.3% yoy, thus maintaining the growth rate of the previous period.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Delay in infrastructure reforms endangers economic growth in Ukraine"

    Issue:  No.12 (86) December 2007
    Research spheres:  Macroeconomics
  • 25.11.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.11 (85)

    In September, real GDP growth continued to slow due to further reduction of value added in agriculture. According to the Dezhkomstat, in the first nine months of the year the real GDP growth was 7.3% yoy, that is 0.2 percentage points below the eight-month growth rate.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Accelerating inflation: reasons and outcomes"

    Issue:  No.11 (85) November 2007
    Research spheres:  Macroeconomics
  • 25.10.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.10 (84)

    In line with expectations, in August the value added in agriculture dropped decelerating the growth of real GDP. According to the Derzhkomstat, cumulatively in the eight months of the year real GDP grew by 7.5% yoy that is 0.2 p.p. lower that in the previous period.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "International financial crisis: echo in Ukraine"

    Issue:  No.10 (84) october 2007
    Research spheres:  Macroeconomics
  • 25.09.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.9 (83)

    According to the Derzhkomstat, the real GDP grew at 7.7% yoy between January and July. Manufacturing, trade, and construction retained the highest rates of growth.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Raiding in Ukraine: the case study"

    Issue:  No.9 (83) september 2007
    Research spheres:  Macroeconomics
  • 06.09.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.8 (82)

    According to the Derzhkomstat, the real GDP growth remained at 7.9% yoy in the first half of the year supported by growth in manufacturing, trade, and construction.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Ukrainian agriculture needs reliable information systems"

    Issue:  No.8 (82) August 2007
    Authors:  Інститут економічних досліджень
  • 07.08.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.7 (81)

    Between January and May 2007 the real GDP growth did not change as compared to four-month period and remained at 7.9% yoy despite the political uncertainty.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Grain export quotas introduced"

    Issue:  No.7 (81) July 2007
  • 06.07.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.6 (80)

    According to Derzhkomstat, in the first four months of 2007 real GDP grew by 7.9% yoy. On the demand side, domestic private demand remained strong in April and is estimated to be a major contributor to real GDP growth.

    Issue:  No.6 (80) June 2007
  • 06.06.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.5 (79)

    According to the Derzhkomstat, in the first quarter of 2007 the real GDP grew by 8.0% yoy as compared to a 4.1% yoy increase during same period in 2006.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Political crisis and its impact on the economy"

    Issue:  No.5 (79)May 2007
  • 09.05.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.4 (78)

    According to the Derzhkomstat, between January and February 2007 the real GDP growth was 8.6% yoy compared to the 1.5% yoy increase during same period in 2006.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "New political crisis in Ukraine"

    Issue:  No.4 (78) April 2007
  • 05.04.2007

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.3 (77)

    According to Derzhkomstat, in January 2007 real GDP grew by 9.3% yoy against 0.9% yoy growth a year before. High growth is primarily explained by rise of value added in trade and industry, as well as continued recovery of construction.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Bio fuel policy in Ukraine – some comments"

    Issue:  No.3 (77) March 2007
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