Archive 2006

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.6 (68)

    • The first session of newly elected Parliament has started on May 25, two months after an election in March.
    • In the first four month real GDP increased by 2.7% yoy thanks to growing services and agriculture.
    • The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a 50% increase in tariffs for domestic railway passenger transportation.
    • Within the WTO membership negotiations framework Ukraine signed a protocol on access to markets of goods and services with Australia.
    • The merchandize trade deficit reached USD 1.8 bn in the first quarter because of dropping exports and surging imports.
    • In April real wages grew by 24.9% yoy
    • Despite increase in tariffs on gas and electricity, the CPI growth decelerated to 7.3% yoy in May.
    • Small banks are struggling to meet capital requirements.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Public utilities tariffs rise: first response to new challenges"

    Issue:  No.6 (68) June 2006
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