Archive 2005

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.6 (56)

    • During his visit to Kazakhstan Mr. Yushchenko discussed questions of oil supply for Ukraine.
    • In the first quarter of 2005 investments in fixed capital increased by a meagre 4.5% yoy.
    • The Government reacted to the rising oil products prices by stimulating imports.
    • Ukraine signed a bilateral protocol for access to markets of goods and services with El Salvador.
    • Real household incomes grew by 24.1% yoy in the first quarter 2005 due to increases in the minimum wage and pensions.
    • The banks slowed their lending  activities due to investment uncertainties and the revaluation of the hryvnia.
    • S&P upgraded Ukraine’s sovereign rating to B+.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "The Ukrainian gasoline “crisis”"

    Issue:  No.6 (56) June 2005
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