Archive 2005

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.5 (55)

    • During his visit to the USA Viktor Yushchenko, the President of Ukraine, met with the President George W. Bush and addressed a joint session of the Congress.
    • The real GDP growth reached 5.4% yoy during the first quarter.
    • To fight price increases, the Government set maximum prices for gasoline and temporarily banned the exports of oil products.
    • The Government made an attempt to reduce meat prices by lowering import tariffs and by directly intervening in the market.
    • The Cabinet of Ministers temporarily increased all railway freight transportation tariffs until the end of June 2005.
    • Starting April 1, 2005 birth grants were increased to UAH 8497.
    • The NBU revalued the hryvnia to 5.05 UAH/USD.
    • The consumer price inflation stayed at a high 14.7% yoy.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Hryvnia Revaluation as a Measure to Combat Inflation?"

    Issue:  No.5 (55) May 2005
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