Archive 2005

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.4 (54)

    • The Putin-Yushchenko commission was established during a visit to Ukraine by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.
    • Real GDP growth slowed to 5.5% yoy during the first two months, compared to 10.2% yoy during the same period last year.
    • The import tariffs for selected exotic fruit, linen, underwear, footwear, and home equipment were significantly reduced.
    • In 2004, the current account surplus reached the historical maximum of USD 6.8 bn, or 10.4% of GDP.
    • The planned revenues and expenditures of Budget-2005 were increased to UAH 106 bn and UAH 114 bn respectively.
    • In March inflation rose to 14.7% yoy.
    • The 50% mandatory sale of foreign currency receipts was abolished.

    MEMU SUPPLEMENT: "Liberalizing the foreign exchange market: benefits and risks"

    Issue:  No.4 (54) April 2005
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