Archive 2001

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.11 (13)

    • Parliament passed the new Land Code, which permits agricultural land trading starting from 2005. 
    • Ukraine restructured a USD 1.4 bn gas debt for consumed Russian gas. Key terms of the agreement are a 12 years restructuring period, a 3-year grace period and a LIBOR +1% interest rate. 
    • Real GDP growth reached 9.3% yoy for the first nine month of 2001. The fact that the GDP in September grew at a lower rate than in previous months is explained by changing a distribution of harvest collection this year.
    • U.S. and Poland terminated a number of anti-dumping procedures against Ukrainian metallurgical companies, which is likely to improve export outlook. Meanwhile, exact share of metallurgical exports, released from investigations is still not clear. 
    • Due to negative expectations by traders concerning bankruptcy processes against energy companies, the PFTS stock market index in October fell to the lowest level for the whole year, contrary to expectations for a long-hoped rally.
    Issue:  No.11 (13) November 2001
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