Archive 2001

  • Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.5 (7)

    • At the end of April the reformist government of Viktor Yuschenko was dismissed after a year-long service.
    • High GDP growth of 7.7% yoy cum. for the first quarter is likely to continue. Qualitative changes in the growth structure are evident.
    • Six regional power distribution companies (oblenergos) were privatised in April 2001. The state received around USD 150 m out of planned USD 250 m.
    • January-February trade performance is a source of optimism, while new restrictions on metallurgy exports raise serious concerns about the persistence of this trend.
    • Increased budget receipts from the tax and customs authorities made up for the fall in privatisation receipts in the first quarter. But April’s revenue target will not be met.
    • Further decrease of the NBU rates and part of the reserve requirements signal desire to ease monetary policy.
    Issue:  No.5 (7) May 2001
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