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The MEMU contains a monthly review and brief analysis of the key economic policy measures and data that come public during the previous month. The MEMU supplement presents extended analysis of one key event in the Ukrainian economy. There are 12 issues per year distributed among subscribers.





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  • 14.08.2017

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.8 (202)

    Highlight: Ryanair
    On July 10, 2017, Ryanair, the largest low-cost airline in Europe, announced that it cancels its plans to enter Ukraine due to the failure to agree the contract with Boryspil airport. The decision was a negative blow to the image of Ukraine aiming to prove that the country is open and friendly to foreign investors.
    Issue:  No.8 (202) August 2017
  • 26.06.2017

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.6 (200)

    Highlight: 200 MONTHS
    We are happy to introduce the 200th issue of the IER Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine. This means that we have presented short analysis of economic life of Ukraine for last 200 months. The first issue of the MEMU was issued in October 2000. During these months Ukraines economy went through some ups and downs. We try to list some of them.
    Issue:  No.6 (200) June 2017
  • 23.05.2017

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.5 (199)

    Highlight:CUSTOM REFORM
    The Ministry of Finance proposed to reform of customs in Ukraine with the aim of better transparency and predictability. The model of the reform and changes in custom procedures is currently debated between the Ministry of Finance and the representatives of the Parliament and the civil society. The reform will hopefully be implemented by the end of 2017.
    Issue:  No.5 (199), May 2017
  • 23.04.2017

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.4 (198)

    Highlight:THE IMF
    On April 3, the IMF Executive Board concluded 2016 Article IV Consultation with Ukraine (IMF biannual macroeconomic surveillance) and completed the Third Review of Ukraines EFF program. As a result, Ukraine received USD 1 bn disbursement, which was originally scheduled for November 15, 2016.
    Issue:  No.4 (198), April 2017
  • 15.03.2017

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.3 (197)

    Highlight: Blockade
    In February, the Government of Ukraine declared the emergency in the energy sector to address disruption of coal supplies to thermal power plants. It was caused by the blockade of coal trade across the contact line of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Since January 2017, activists blocked coal shipments from parts of Eastern Ukraine that are occupied by Russia-backed separatists.
    Issue:  No.3 (197), March 2017
  • 15.02.2017

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.2 (196)

    Highlight: Electricity
    In January, the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NERC) set the cost of non-standard connection to the electricity grid for 2017 at UAH 3094-9428 per kW depending on the electricity provider increasing it substantially.
    Issue:  No.2 (196), February 2017
  • 17.01.2017

    Monthly Economic Monitor Ukraine No.1 (195)

    Highlight: YEAR 2016
    2016 became a year of start of the economic recovery path. Real GDP growth in 2016 is estimated at 1.4%. It was supported by higher domestic demand. In particular, real private final consumption increased due to higher disposable income primarily attributed to increase in wage income.
    Issue:  No.1 (195) January 2017
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