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  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.3 (29)


    In July the Industrial Confidence Indicator made up -0.13. After the sharp increase in April compared to February by 28 points (from -0.39 to -0.11), it has decreased by 2 points in comparison to April. It happened mostly because of deterioration of the production plans of the enterprises for the next 3 months (see PRODUCTION INDICATORS). However, the negative impact of this component was particularly diminished by the improvement of two other components of the Industrial Confidence Indicator. In particular, there was some decrease in the value of the component “the stock of finished goods” (from -0.17 in April to -0.23 in July) and the value of the component “orders book” increased (-0.73 in April and -0.66 in July). So, such trends observed for the above two indicators could lead to increase of the total Industrial Confidence Indicator, if production expectations were more optimistic.

    Poll period:  from July 6 till August 3, 2009
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    Authors:  Kuziakiv Oksana, Дворак Яна
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