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Business Tendency Surveys: Industry are quarterly monitoring perceptions and expectations of managers regarding changes in overall economic conditions, production and financial performance at the firm level.  This publication provides with the overall picture of current economic performance in Ukraine as well as the insight about future tendency of business cycle in the country. It includes the early warning indicators such as leading and coincident ones. There are four publications of the Business Surveys: Industry per year available to participants of the surveys and to subscribers.




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  • 02.12.2008

    Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.4 (26)

    The Industrial Confidence Indicator decreased from –0.05 for the 3rd quarter of 2008 to –0.27 for the 4th quarter which is the lowest value since 2003. Just as in the previous quarter the indicator decrease is essentially due to deteriorating production plans for the next three months.

    Authors:  Kuziakiv Oksana, Захарченко Катерина
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