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  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.1 (7)


    The Industrial Confidence Indicator has decreased from –0.04 in the 4th quarter to -0.17 for the 1st quarter of 2004. This reflects lower production plans by the enterprises at the beginning of the year as well as a deterioration of the assessment of the volume of new orders. The third component of the indicator (assessment of the stock of finished goods) remains without significant change. Decreasing production plans for the first 3 to 4 months of the year, and deteriorating assessments of the new order volumes are seasonal tendencies that are observed every year. However, compared to 2003, the value of the Industrial Confidence Indicator was higher (-0.17 vs. –0.23 for the 1st quarter of 2003). This is a positive signal implying increased confidence with respect to business development in the industrial sector compared to 2003.

    Poll period:  February 2003
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