Archive 2003

  • Quarterly Enterprise Survey No.3 (5)


    In July 2003 two positive developments were noted concerning the business climate. Firstly, the assessment of the current business situation has slightly improved. While the share of managers with positive expectations remains without change compared to May 2003 (5.6% and 5.0% respectively), the share of respondents that consider the current situation satisfactory increased and number of managers with negative expectations decreased (from 53.7% to 63.7% respectively and from 40.7% to 31.3%). The index value increased from -0.34 in May to –0.24 in July. Secondly, the business expectations for the next six months have improved. The value of the index of business expectations has increased from –0.09 to 0.04. While the share of managers with negative expectations remains without significant change (19.0% in July and 21.2% in April), the share of managers with positive expectations almost doubled (from 11.3 to 20.9%). Increases in the indices of business climate were observed across all industries, and all size and ownership groups of enterprises.

    Poll period:  July 2003
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