Business surveys: banks

  • Quarterly Bank Survey No.1 (17)


    Negative assessment dominates banks' opinion about business climate in the 2nd quarter of 2014. 63.6% of banks consider business climate in Ukraine bad, and the remaining 36.4% regard it as satisfactory. None of the banks assessed business climate positively. As a result, the index of business climate assessment fell to -0.64 in the summer of 2014 from the last year's level of 0.3. Banks’ revenues remain at the level of the previous year, but the net profit has decreased. Due to the political and economic instability banks find it hard to predict how the situation will develop in the near future. Half of them hope for improvement of the business climate, 30% fear that it will worsen, and the remaining 20% do not expect any changes with business climate. Industry is not expected to grow until the end of the year. Agriculture and food industry are the only sectors that may increase production output, according to the banks.

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