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  • Quarterly Bank Survey No.1 (5)


    From neutral assessments in Summer 2008 by the end of the year banks shift to the negative ones. General economic situation index has decreased from zero to -0.67. If in the previous survey neutral assessments dominated (81.8%), and the shares of respondents who assessed business climate as bad and good were small and equal (9.1% each), it is the negative assessments that are dominating now: 66.7% of the polled name the current overall economic situation as bad, 33.3% as satisfactory, and none of the banks judge it as positive. Expectations index as to the change of business climate continues to fall. Its value has decreased from -0.27 to -0.50. It has become the smallest among such indexes over the whole period of survey conduction. This happened due to the increased share of pessimistic expectations that has grown more than twice in comparison to July-August 2008: from 27.3% to 66.7%. 16.7% of the polled expect improvement of business climate and the same share doesn’t expect any significant changes within the next half of the year.

    The period to which the poll:  Mar08 to Dec08
    Poll period:  November 25th December 10th 2008
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