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  • 02.06.2014

    Reforms in exchange for visa-free travel: how Ukraine takes an Action Plan on visa liberalization?


    On November 22, 2010, Ukraine received from the European Union an Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation (APVL), which became an important practical result of the visa dialogue in relations between Ukraine and the European Union. The document sets out specific targets and deadlines for their implementation with a list of executors, who have to implement the necessary reforms in the area of ​​justice, freedom and security. One of the areas of reform of public policy referred APVL is border management and migration. As a result of implementation of tasks there to be held evolution of state control over legal and unregulated migration policy on refugees and asylum, migration registration, readmission, border management etc. 

    APVL is one of the most stimulating instruments reforming individual policy areas, in particular in terms of legal and institutional capacity to manage migration.

    The publication is available in Ukrainian


    The policy brief has been prepared for the project "Migration between Ukraine and the EU: impact assessment of visa abolition", which is performed by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER) with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation and the International Visegrad Fund.

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