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  • 27.05.2013

    International experience on health care provision for patients with specific disease types: case of the UK



    The Ukrainian government began a significant reform of the healthcare system in 2011 with the aim to improve the equity and quality of health care in the country. The new system will be based on primary care provided by family doctors. The reforms do not currently address the concerns surrounding providing health care to groups of patients with particular disease types such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and cancer etc., even though this issue is essential for Ukraine due to a high proportion of the population with such diseases. To conduct any Ukrainian reform of healthcare provision for these groups, an analysis of international experience is invaluable.

    This paper summarises the experience of the UK for providing health care for these, and other important, patient groups. This experience could be relevant to Ukraine as the British healthcare system is built on the approach of the GP as the first point of contact for most patients, and the primary giver of healthcare. This approach has been approved as the new model for Ukraine. In addition, the UK health care system is almost entirely financed from the government budget, which is also currently the case in Ukraine.

    The UK evidence suggests that family doctors in Ukraine could be responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with the types of diseases investigated in this paper. For this, family doctors would need access to tests required for screening and diagnosis of such disease as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, diabetics. The evidence also shows that it is beneficial to form surgeries for family doctors where several doctors would be present along with nurses. At the same time, the tight cooperation of family doctors and specialists doctors is necessary as they are often required to form a specialist health care team in order to provide proper and expert care for patients.

    This Policy brief was prepared in the framework of project “Independent analysis of the healthcare reform progress in Ukraine”, conducted by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER) under the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

    Authors:  Betliy Oleksandra, Kim Harper
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