Policy Briefing Series

  • 25.07.2003

    State-owned Enterprises in Ukraine: How the Profit Should be Distributed


    The existence of fairly large state sector in Ukraine determines the necessity finding the most efficient ways of managing state property in general and financial relations between the state and state-owned enterprises. One aspect of this problem has been already addressed in Policy paper N11 as of November 1999, which contains some quantitative assessments of profit the state could potentially received from its share in corporatized companies.

    In this paper we analyze

    1. the current state of financial management of state-owned enterprises
    2. assess the relevant international experience of transferring state enterprises profit to the budget,
    3. propose how to improve disposition of profits of state-owned enterprises.

    Certain solutions regarding financial management of state corporate rights in Ukraine may be regarded as transitional ones for the period of privatization while the proper regulatory framework for non-corporatized enterprises needs to be developed virtually from zero and for longer perspective.

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