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  • 06.06.2004

    Developing the Public Utility Sector in Ukraine: Towards a Concrete Strategy


    Public utilities in Ukraine operate under unreliable economic conditions due to generic failures in the institutional and economic environment. As a consequence, they have accumulated losses and thus failed to attract sufficient investments, which in turn has lead to a serious deterioration of the existing infrastructure. At present, the Verkhovna Rada discusses a reform program aimed at providing a legal basis for improving performance of public utilities. This program correctly identifies the main technical problems and also suggests the relevant general directions for economic and institutional reforms, in particular towards cost-covering tariffs and sufficient regulation. While those intentions are definitely necessary, the program must go beyond the proclamation of intentions and suggest concrete measures of how to achieve them. Without such a more concrete agenda, necessary pre-conditions for attracting private capital are not satisfied, so that necessary investments can hardly be financed.

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    Authors:  Pavel Ferdinand,
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