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    Grantee: Charitable Foundation Svit.Ukraine.Pologi

    Implementation Project Area: Zaporozhye and Dnipro.

    Project status: active

    Implementation period: 07.07.2023 - 08.31.2023

    Aim of the Project: Provision of free legal and information services to internally displaced persons (IDPs).

    Additional Information: 

    Within the framework of the memorandums on cooperation with local self-government bodies, inform IDPs about the possibility of obtaining legal and information services at specified dates, places and times. Carrying out personal receptions of IDPs by specialists in the field of law of the Charitable Foundation, during which the main services, the provision of which is necessary for IDPs, will be determined. Counseling IDPs during reception or determining the actions that must be taken to provide services to IDPs (if it is not possible to do this during reception) and the time of their implementation. Carrying out the actions necessary for the provision of IDP services (searching for information, compiling and processing documents, submitting them to competent authorities, supporting cases in courts, etc.).

    Providing thematic consultations on the most common problems (voiced by IDPs) through coverage in mass media and/or social networks and/or holding group (not individual) seminars. Informing IDPs will be carried out by local self-government bodies. The progress of the project implementation and its results will be highlighted on the pages of social networks and the website of the foundation. Based on the results of the project, a detailed report will be prepared, which will be published on the information resources of the foundation and organizations involved in the implementation of the project.

    It is planned to carry out personal receptions of IDPs by specialists in the field of law of the Charitable Foundation:

    - in the city of Zaporizhzhia (in the premises of the information hub for displaced persons from the Pologiv region - "Space of Unity"), every Monday and every Wednesday from 09:00 to 13:00;

    - in the city of Dnipro (at Dmytro Yavornytskyi Avenue, building 78, office 410), every Tuesday and Thursday from 09:00 to 13:00.

    The transfer of the results of the provision of services (which are not covered by consultations during the reception) is planned to be provided to IDPs no later than 5 working days from the day of ordering the relevant service.

    It is planned to provide thematic consultations on the most common problems (voiced by IDPs) 1-2 times a month (depending on the need for their provision, complexity and scope of the issue).

    Therefore, during the implementation of the project:

    1) 506 consultations on legal issues of IDPs were provided:

    - during 32 reception days, 436 IDPs were personally admitted in the cities of Zaporozhye and Dnipro;

    - by providing telephone consultations at the "hotline" number of the Charitable Fund (not provided for in the terms of the project, provided at the request of IDPs who do not have the opportunity to come to a personal reception) - 70 IDPs;

    2) 68 draft documents were drawn up and formalized as a result of IDP violations during personal hearings, of which 48 are to be submitted to courts, the rest to state authorities or local self-government bodies;

    3) thematic consultations on the most common problems (voiced by IDPs) were provided through:

    - publication of articles on the website and pages of social networks of the Charitable Foundation

    - 17.07.2023 - on the topic "Actual issues regarding pension provision";

    - 31.07.2023 - on the topic "Changes in payments to internally displaced persons";

    - 14.08.2023 - on the topic "Seizure of funds in executive proceedings";

    - 29.08.2023 - on the topic "Change in the amount of alimony: current issues."

    - conducting group (not individual) seminars:

    a) on the topic "Practical aspects of ensuring the rights of IDPs in Ukraine" in the city of Zaporizhia (31.07.2023) and the city of Dnipro (27.07.2023).

    b) on the topic "Legislative regulation of the most common problems of IDPs" in Zaporizhzhia (August 30, 2023) and Dnipro (August 22, 2023).

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