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  • Increasing the economic stability and independence of women with IDP status in the Lviv Territorial Community


    Grantee: "Your Support" Charitable Foundation

    Implementation Project Area: Lviv

    Project status: active

    Implementation period: 07.07.2023 - 08.31.2023

    Aim of the Project: Increasing the level of competitiveness of women with the status of internally displaced persons in the labor market of the Lviv United Territorial Community by providing informational and educational services and individual consultations.

    Additional Information: 

    The planned work of the project is aimed at achieving the successful integration of women with the status of internally displaced persons into the Lviv territorial community, by providing information and advisory services, conducting trainings on employment and starting one's own business, motivational sessions and consultations.

    Therefore, during the implementation of the project:

    Within the framework of the Project, 10 events were held, including 2 master classes, which were attended by 245 women with IDP status.

    In addition, as part of the project, professional testing and individual discussion of the results with test participants were carried out, 30 individual consultations were held with training participants, which included the development of an individual career development plan based on personal knowledge, skills, ambitions and aspirations.

    Upon completion of the Project - 5 women found work, 2 - began internships, 1 - returned to her previous place of work. At the same time, 20 women noted that the knowledge and skills acquired during the trainings turned out to be useful.

    In accordance with the planned activities, the following activities were carried out during the implementation of the Project:

    07/21/2023 - "Successful job search algorithms";

    07/21/2023 - "Existing risks in choosing an employer and their prevention";

    07/22/2023 - "Writing resumes and motivational letters";

    07/27/2023 - "Understanding the regional labor market", "Features of female employment";

    07/28/2023 - master class on the topic: "Self-presentation";

    07/29/2023 - "My price on the labor market"";

    08/04/2023 - "Where to get a woman's resources for success";

    08/05/2023 - "Where are the resources for success for fellow women";

    08/10/2023 - "Self-discipline";

    12.08.2023 - "Time management";

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