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  • Integration of IDPs into the community of Zaporozhye


    Grantee: Public organization "Light of Hope"

    Implementation Project Area: Zaporizhzhia region

    Project status: active

    Implementation period: 01.06.2023 – 31.08.2023

    Aim of the Project: Facilitation of adaptation and integration into the Zaporizhia community, which is the least for 80 children, aged 3 to 18, through creative master classes and interactive entertainment programs, and promotion of adaptation and integration into the Zaporizhia community of 60 women - IDPs, aged 18+, by conducting professional retraining in the areas of "Accounting" and "Internet marketing" with mentoring for further employment.

    Additional Information: 

    To implement the project, there are qualified staff and partners who understand the specifics of working with IDPs and are professionals in their work. In addition, there is an agreement on the employment of women in the NGO "Light of Hope".

    Therefore, during the implementation of the project:

    8 children's master classes and 8 interactive programs were held, which were attended by 255 children, aged from 3 to 18 years. As noted by the psychologists of the project, the emotional state of the children improved significantly, it was possible to stabilize the mental state of the children who at the beginning of the project had certain signs of stress. This was achieved thanks to the joint work of psychologists, trainers, children and parents who followed the recommendations as much as possible.

    50 classes on Internet marketing and 50 classes on accounting were conducted, which is 100% of the full volume of training courses. As evidenced by knowledge slices with substitute modules, the course participants learned the material well and received certificates of completion of training. The participants themselves note that they have gained confidence that they will be able to do it after some time. get a job Currently, all girls are supported by mentors.

    As of August 31, 2023, 1 participant is employed and 2 participants are undergoing internship.

    On a regular basis, the results of the project were highlighted on our own and partner information resources. So, as of 31.08.2023, 61 publications were made, the audience reached is 104,460 people. The results of the project, successes and challenges were presented to 10 public organizations through a GoogleMeet video conference.

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