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  • A safe vacation with new friends


    Grantee: Public organization "ECOSPHERA"

    Implementation Project Area: Uzhhorod, separate events in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo districts.

    Project status: active

    Implementation period: 01.06.2023 – 31.08.2023

    Aim of the Project: Promote the socialization and integration of IDP children into life in a new environment, provide interesting leisure time during the holiday period by involving them in the circle of peers during creative master classes and educational trips.

    Additional Information: 

    The form of the Friday camp is convenient both for the organizers and for the participants and their parents. Parents leave their child for almost the entire working day with specialists who guarantee the child's safety. The child is also fed and provided with interesting, informative and developing leisure time.

    Therefore, during the implementation of the project:

    From June 1 to August 11, 10 educational and recreational events for children were held. Each event was attended by 50 children. Also, according to the registration forms, 500 children took part in activities within the framework of "safe vacation with new friends."

    In accordance with the project work plan, a communication plan was developed and implemented. Thanks to an extensive communication campaign, we attracted new participants every time.

    10-15 children stayed in each of the libraries and attended the events every Friday.

    In 10 weeks, we prepared and held 10 events on the topics of "Trash sorting", "Exotics of the city of Uzhgorod", "Excursion to the medieval castle of St. Miklos and the Schonborn palace, built in the musketeer style", "Plants around us", "Excursion to Palanok Castle", "Waste Reduction", "Birds in Urbanization", "Sun Energy", "Excursion to Lake Salva", "Excursion to the Uzhan National Park".

    We played games in parks and on the river, as well as on the grounds of castles.

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