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  • "We learn, we create, we communicate!" - adaptation of IDP children in the Ternopil community.


    Grantee: Public organization "Women in Ukraine"

    Implementation Project Area: Ternopil

    Project status: active

    Implementation period: 01.06.2023 – 31.08.2023

    Aim of the Project: Supporting the creative and cognitive aspirations of IDP children temporarily living in the city of Ternopil, for their easier adaptation in new conditions, development, acquaintance with local traditions, the history of the region and expansion of the circle of communication with peers.

    Additional Information:

    The project is aimed at helping children affected by the war. It involves the organization and holding of communication events, master classes, informative local history trips, training in mobile photography and the creation of children's photo works, which we will arrange in 20 photo albums and organize a photo exhibition. Understanding the importance of such activities, our organization over the past year implemented similar projects aimed at facilitating the process of adaptation of IDP children in new conditions, their psychological relief and creative activity.

    Therefore, during the implementation of the project:

    Starting from 01.06.2023. until 31.08.2023 within the framework of the project was carried out:

    4 training workshops on the basics of mobile photography.

    Topics of master classes: camera settings, light and composition.

    Dates of master classes: 06/06/2023, 06/09/2023, 06/13/2023, 06/16/2023.

    4 local history trips to different regions of Ternopil region:

    06/23/2023, 06/29/2023, 07/04/2023, 07/11/2023.

    12 creative master classes:

    drawing of bags - 06.05.2023,

    production of postcards – 15.06.2023,

    decoupage – 22.06.2023,

    cup painting – 28.06.2023,

    creation of a talisman amulet - 07.05.2023,

    drawing of bags - 13.07.2023,

    gingerbread painting – 18.07.2023,

    production of a soft toy - 28.07.2023,

    creating drawings with semolina "Ukrainian flowers" - 10.08.2023,

    painting – 17.08.2023,

    creation of thematic postcards for Independence Day - 18.08.2023,

    making and decorating candles - 29.08.2023.

    opening of the exhibition of children's photo works "Let's create. Let's get to know each other, let's learn!" – 15.08.2023,

    the exhibition lasted from 15.08.2023 to 22.10.2023 in the library-museum "Literary Ternopil".

    a general photo album of the exhibition and 20 individual photo albums of the project participants were created.

    15 participants took part in each creative master class.

    20 children were trained in mobile photography, as planned in the project.

    20 children - participants of the project - visited local history trips. This group included not only children from among IDPs (as was planned at the beginning of the project), but also children from families of military personnel, including fallen defenders.

    This combination gave a good result, because such a mixed group had different mental and cultural experiences, which contributed to the mutual exchange of emotions, experiences, and linguistic enrichment. After all, the group included children from different regions of Ukraine (including eastern and southern regions) and together they learned to interact.

    Opening of the exhibition of children's photo works "Let's create. Let's get to know each other, let's learn!", which took place on August 15, 2023, aroused the keen interest of citizens and various mass media. In particular, the opening of the exhibition was covered by two local TV channels "Suspilne Ternopil" and TV-4, Internet TV "Fine Misto", as well as a number of local news sites.

    A total of 20 publications were published in the local mass media during the implementation of the project, including 4 video stories on local TV channels.

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