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  • Voluntary work in the Occupation


    Implementation Project AreaStanislavska and Bilozerska communities of the Kherson region and regional centre - the city of Kherson 

    Project Period: 01.08.2022-30.11.2022 

    Project status: complited

    Aim of the Project: to support the Kherson volunteer media team, which for over three months has been providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Stanislavska and Bilozerskacommunities in the Kherson region. These communities are in the frontline.  

    Additiona lInformation: in mid-March 2022, the russian invasion of southwestern Ukraine was stopped on the border between Mykolaiv and Kherson. Stanislavska community comprises 4 villages, where before the war live 7,700 inhabitants. The community of Bilozerska comprises the city of Bilozerka, 11 villages and 13 villages, in which approximately 15 thousand inhabitants lived before the war. 

    Since the middle of March, all these establishments and their inhabitants have been left to their own devices. Almost all the authorities were evacuated, the owners of shops (mainly residents of Kherson) stopped their business and closed shops. The frontline villages remained without the provision of the most needed goods. 

    Kherson media team, the base of which was made by employees of the television channel "Kherson Plus", decided to support the inhabitants of the villages on the front line. As part of this initiative, a fundraising campaign will be organized (in peacetime, it has unfortunately never happened) in order to provide frontline villages with food and other necessities. Also under guardianship will be taken refugees from Oleksandrivka and other villages, which have become forced displaced to Kherson. 

    Project results: 

    • 74 volunteer aid deliveries were organised. 

    • provided humanitarian assistance to 2095 persons in August, 2160 in September, 5030 in October and 6280 in November. 

    • 7 communities of the Kherson region, as well as the IDP from Kherson in Odesa, were covered with volunteer activities. 

    • 17 publications on project activities on their own information resources and partner resources were published. 

    • about 100 Facebook posts were published. 

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