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  • Informing and motivating campaign for Bahmut Territorial Community toward immunisation against COVID-19


    Grantee: Civil Society Organisation Bahmut Fortetsya  

    Implementation Project Area: Donetsk region 

    Project Period: 04.01.2022 — 31.07.2022  

    Project status: in progress  

    Aim of the Project: to identify the prejudice of population regarding immunisation, especially of elderly people 60+ from the risk group, and provide verified, scientifically-confirmed information about vaccination, show positive examples to increase the number of vaccinated people in the Bahmut territorial community.  

    Additional Information: target Audience of the Project is mainly elderly people who are in the risk group. Therefore, information materials will be directed to them. However, the information will be open to other age groups and will contribute to the overall increase in vaccination rates.  

    Within the Project it is planned to conduct an additional survey of elderly people of the community for better understanding what biases they have and how to work with these biases in an information campaign. It is also scheduled to produce 10 animated videos, explaining how to protect yourself from the virus, whether there are contraindications in vaccination, where you can vaccinate, how to prepare and what to expect after, who is responsible for possible side effects, how vaccines work and what collective immunity is. Also, to make 10 motivating videos on following issues: reputable family doctors invite patients to vaccinate, interviews with vaccinated respected community residents, reports from vaccination points, polls of citizens, doctor responses to prejudices and fears.  

    Videos along with multimedia text materials (13 materials) will be published on “Bahmut IN.UA” website and will be disseminated on its social media pages (Facebook, You Tube, Instagram), local television, on screens in trolley buses and by the Primary Medical Care Center of Bahmut city and social office. Important information will be provided in printed form. 

    As a result of the start of large-scale war of the russian federation against Ukraine, the aim and objectives of the project have been modified. 

    Name: Informing and helping to create a safe life during evacuation 

    Implementation Project Area (Modified): Vilnogirsk community of Dnipropetrovsk region.  

    Modified aim of the Project: to make stories about displaced persons in various host communities in Ukraine and abroad, to help reduce the psychological stress associated with evacuating people from the Bahmut community, to create the conditions for stress reducing, develop emotional intelligence and the children’s personality who have left the fighting area for the community. 

    Additional Information: 

     Based on the aim and target audience, activities can be divided into three directions:  

    1. Informing the Bahmut community inhabitants about the particularities of life in the evacuation.  

    It will create 7 videos and 3 text materials, which will be published on the Public Media Portal “Bahmut IN.UA” and in the social networks of the site, about how forced displaced persons are accepted in Central and Western Ukraine, in Europe. Our task is to reduce the fears of people who are still afraid to leave hot spots and potentially dangerous communities. The goal is to show what help people are receiving, that they are not left alone with their needs, how they are treated by host communities and countries, how their lives have changed in an evacuation. Thus, we will promote a positive attitude of the inhabitants of the East to the inhabitants of the Western and Central countries, Europeans. 

    1. Creation of entertaining content about the history of Bahmut to reduce the psychological stress of residents who temporarily left the fighting zone. 

    It is planned to create 12 texts with entertaining tests, drawn up on the appropriate platform (for example, a test on the material by reference you can find here.)

    The special project on the history of Bahmut will be published on the Public Media Portal “Bahmut IN.UA” and in the social networks of the site. A note about a historic event or person from the Bahmut region and a test before it, in which you can test yourself. People who have left outside the community are already nostalgic of the city, this can be seen from comments on social networks and the number of views of photo reports from Bahmut. We want to support our users as well as share our history. Through emphasizing that the area of Bahmut was and will be Ukrainian, the city has European traditions. 

    1. The work of psychological support groups "Happy people" for children who with their families forced to leave to the Vilnogirsk community of Dnipropetrovsk area. 

    Task direction: reducing emotional tension; teaching children emotional self-regulation skills; and developing social and psychological skills. 

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