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  • 11.06.2012

    The European model of energy market will promote free competition and attract investments

    Reform of the electricity market of Ukraine is a very important step towards integration into the European energy coomunity. Accession to the Energy Community in February 2011 opened new opportunities for Ukraine to fully participate in a single energy space with the EU. For Ukraine, this means harmonization of national legislation with European norms. In the electricity sector Ukrainian legislation should comply with the Directive 2009/72/EC on common rules for the internal market in electricity.

    Authors:  Kosse Iryna
  • 09.03.2012

    Abolition of cross-subsidization - a necessary condition of reforming the electricity market

    Reform of the electricity market and abolition of tariffs cross-subsidization are parts of Ukraine's obligations before the EU. In particular, the Association Agenda contains a demand for Ukraine to continue the reform of electricity tariffs and measures guaranteeing full payment for the electricity supply.

    Authors:  Kosse Iryna
  • 24.02.2012

    Implementation of the Transportation strategy: are we waiting for EU assistance?

    Ukraine always had a problem of implementation of good ideas, plans and strategies. Despite all the money, efforts and time spent, feasibility studies, funding and support from ministries and departments strategy and development programs remain only on paper. No implementation happens. Or happens but not completely and not in time. Recall the Transportation strategy of Ukraine for 2020, approved on October 20, 2010, which defines the main directions of the transportation sector development.

    Authors:  Kosse Iryna
  • 02.02.2012

    Independence of NERC - a necessary condition of monopoly regulation

    Discussions on reforming the energy sector continue in Ukraine over the past five years. According to international experience, the reform should include the introduction of modern mechanisms of natural monopolies regulation and establishment of an independent regulatory body. Only an independent regulatory body is capable of balancing the interests of all energy market participants and can ensure their transparent relationships.

    Authors:  Kosse Iryna
  • 25.11.2011

    The new law on seaports will help to attract investments

    On November 3, with a majority vote the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Law "On Sea Ports". This law was designed by people deputies from BYuT, SPU and the Party of Regions and passed the first reading back in January 2007. In preparation for the second reading the document undergone certain important changes, it included privatization, concession and lease of port infrastructure possibilities. Unfortunately, due to frequent management changes of the transport ministry the bill wasnt adopted on second reading. It should be noted that the marine industry has long needed a new legal regulation the ports were regulated under the Code of merchant shipping, which was adopted in 1995.

    Authors:  Kosse Iryna
  • 17.10.2011

    New Air Code: What Changed?

    On May 19, 2011, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new Air Code of Ukraine, which entered into force on September 17. The adopted document offers a new approach to passenger rights, noting specific reasons, terms and compensations for denied boarding, cancellation of flight, long flight delays and lower class of service. Moreover, passengers of charter flights can also be compensated for flight delays.

    Authors:  Kosse Iryna
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