• 10.06.2009

    How to overcome the impact of international financial crisis: the search for adequate policy

    ISBN: ISBN 978-966-8919-74-9.

    The global financial crisis has become today a challenge for both national economies and modern system of global and regional economic policy coordination in various fields. The severity and scope of the crisis require politicians and government officials fast and fairly radical actions to minimize the effects of global crisis and create conditions for economic recovery.

    That is why the presented analytical report analyzed the first steps of anti-crisis policy for individual countries and international efforts to combat global crisis. For these events, according to the authors, largely allow to understand the contemporary logic of anti-crisis packages that are sold out in the world. Study international experience enables adequately and comprehensively analyze the features of current crisis in Ukraine and crisis of the state, and make recommendations on effective principles and directions of future anti-crisis policy, providing prerequisites for restoring economic growth.

    This book is available only in Ukrainian.


    Research spheres:  International economics, Politics
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