• 04.02.2020

    Success Stories of Reforms

    ISBN: 978-966-137-123-0
    The book represents success stories collected by the grantees of the Program Regions for Reforms implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting and European Pravda and financed by the European Union.
  • 30.08.2016

    Ukraine and Europe A short guide

    The new relationship between Ukraine and the European Union is the focus of this accessible, non-technical short guide. It is a summary of a longer Handbook entitled "Deepening Ukraine-EU Relations What, why and how?"
  • 30.08.2016

    Deepening EU-Ukrainian Relations: What, why and how?

    The signing of the Association Agreement and DCFTA between Ukraine and the European Union in 2014 was an act of strategic, geopolitical significance in the history of Ukraine. Emblematic of a struggle to replace the Yanukovich regime at home and to resist attempts by Russia to deny Ukraine its European choice, the Association Agreement is a defiant statement of the countrys choice to become a democratic, independent state.
  • 15.10.2015

    Autonomous Trade Preferences: Impact on Ukrainian Exports

  • 15.08.2014

    European Integration: Experience of V4 Countries and Ukrainian Reality

    The Institute for Economic Research and Policy consulting is happy to present the brochure "European Integration: Experience of V4 Countries and Ukrainian Reality". The brochure was prepared as part of the project "V4-Ukraine think tanks networking for public discussion on EU integration and advocacy of reforms" in cooperation with think tanks from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

  • 06.05.2014

    Ukraine's WTO Membership: Institutional and Economic Effects

    ISBN: 978-617-7161-10-2

    The present study aims at analyzing the impact of Ukraines accession to the World Trade Organization on the national economy, primarily on manufacturing. Such an analysis is important for development of the countrys short- and long-term trade policy strategies.

  • 09.03.2012

    Sustainable Biomass Production and Certification for the EU Biofuels Market

    This handbook aims to
    provide clarity on which certification schemes can be used by farmers and traders in Ukraine and the differences between them;
    provide farmers and traders with guidelines on the requirements under the RED and the approved certification schemes;
    provide an overview of the procedures that Ukrainian companies (farmers and traders) need to follow in order to prove, by using one of the applicable certification schemes, that their feedstock meets the EU RED standards;

    Authors:  Kandul Serhiy, ,
  • 03.03.2012

    Ukraine's Payments Market: International Framework and National Regulation"

    ISBN: 978-966-187-141-9

    Modern payment systems are undoubtedly an important part of economic and financial infrastructure of any country. Efficient and safe payment systems are crucial for functioning of the economy and financial stability. In Ukraine over the last decade payment card infra-structure expanded very quickly and overtook a number of similar countries. Ukrainian cardholders increasingly move from ATMs to POSs in line with the experiences of the more developed markets. In this context functioning of payment industry in Ukraine, its regulation and the probable effects of recent legislative and regulatory initiatives deserve special attention.

    Authors:  Kravchuk Vitaliy, '
  • 13.01.2011

    Costs and Benefits of FTA between Ukraine and the European Union

    ISBN: 978-966-2141-57-3

    This study examines modern state of economic relations between Ukraine and the EU, describes current negotiations on a deep and comprehensive free trade area. Special attention is paid to the costs and benefits of implementation of EUs acquis communautaire in the field of corporate law and competition policy, liberalization of capital flows, regulation of financial intermediation and harmonization of environmental standards. Comparative analysis of certain free trade agreements with EU participation is an important part of the study.

    Research spheres:  International relations
  • 25.11.2010

    Argiculture Guide

    The agriculture of Ukraine has become of traditional importance for the countrys economy, which is also highlighted by the national flag (the blue sky over a yellow cornfield). Until the year 1991 Ukraine was regarded as the bread basket of the Soviet Union. Over the following years, the agriculture had been affected by overall economic decay.

    Authors:  Strubenhoff Heinz-Wilhelm, Wolfram Rebbock, Anna Pogrebna
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