• 03.06.2015

    Institutional Reforms is Key Driver of Investment Attractiveness Improvement in Ukraine

    Ukraine is at vital crossroad, the current political situation is perhaps an ideal for the implementation of reforms. EuroMaidan resulted in a change of political regime. The change in power brought about a government far more dedicated to the creation of an environment favorable to business. Corruption, violation of property rights and excessive business regulation are key problems in the Ukrainian business environment. Today Ukraine is in a situation in which it has never been. On the one hand, it is in deep economic crisis and there is urgent need to reform and rebuild key state institutions. On the other hand, the war in the East requires resources, and mobilizes the forces of society. The military operations in the east, the military invasion and aggression of the Russian Federation have left a significant mark on the processes taking place in the country, including reform of the business environment. In this situation implementation of institutional reforms such as reform of tax system, deregulation and trade and labour liberalization is in key priority for future development of country.

    Journal/Conference:  World Financial Review
    Attached file  (137.9 kb)
    Source: World Financial Review
    Authors:  Kuziakiv Oksana
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