• 21.06.2013

    The quality of the business environment as a precondition for economic development

    On June 21, 2013 Oksana Kuziakiv made a report "Quality of the business environment as a precondition for economic development" at the Second German-Ukrainian Legal Day, organized by the German-Ukrainian Union of Lawyers. The report it was stated that quality of institutions, including regulators and regulations and their effects are significant factors in the success of economic development. Terms of business determine the investment attractiveness of the country. In Ukraine, despite some improvements related to starting up business, registration and taxes, investment climate remains risky. The results of the research "Business Surveys" shows that corruption has become an institutional phenomenon, greatly distorts the business environment. Also it is observed deterioration of property rights respect, 71.2% of respondents are not sure that the judiciary can enforce contractual rights, 80.5% of respondents believe that the judicial system often fails to protect businesses from criminals.

    Presentation is available in Ukrainian

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