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    The purpose of the project is to improve the policy of promoting the development of culture in Ukraine (the policy of economic stimulation of cultural development) through the development of recommendations on the culture financing in Ukraine based on the analysis of the sphere of culture as a branch of the national economy and the possibilities of using the best international practices, primarily in the field of cultural financing (budget funds, financing, etc.) in the Ukrainian context.

    • To analyze the results of domestic and foreign research, analytical materials on the issues of cultural economy, policy documents of Ukraine and other countries;
    • To reveal the essential characteristics of the cultural sector as a branch of the national economy and the object of state policy;
    • To conduct in-depth interviews with representatives of key stakeholders;
    • To conduct SWOT analysis of the sphere of culture as a branch of the national economy;
    • To define the main parameters of the state policy on culture as a branch of the national economy taking into account the Ukrainian economic realities and the level of development of the relevant institutes.

    Short-term project results:

    a) An economic assessment of the current state of cultural development in Ukraine;
    b) Determination of directions and priorities of international experience (best practices) use for financing cultural development;
    c) Recommendations on current and strategic directions and priorities of the Governmental policy, the Ministry of Culture, and the UCF in the context of increasing the economic attractiveness of culture as a sector of the national economy.

    Long-term results of the project:

    a) A vision of the culture development financing in the following system: "exclusive responsibility of the state (government)", "exclusive responsibility of business", "joint responsibility of the state (government) and business";
    b) Intensifying the discussion between stakeholders on cultural development based on empirically evaluated facts and data;
    c) the development of further economic research into the development of the cultural sector as a whole and analysis of cultural development policies in particular.




    Igor Burakovsky (burakovsky[at]


    This project is financed by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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