• Pilot implementation of DRG system in Ukraine


    Full title of the project: “Pilot implementation of DRG system based on Australian DRG at the level of MoH and selected hospitals (training, software, etc.)”

    The Objective of the Project: to develop and pilot a new system of payment for health services based on the DRG methods of payment for the treated case using the Australian DRG-system approach and logic (AR-DRG).


    1. To support the MoH and the NHS and their relevant subordinated organizations in moving from the current input-based to output-based provider payment system, which would set incentives to hospitals to improve efficiency and quality in the provision of care, and would contribute to their financial sustainability.

    2. To support the MoH and the NHS and their relevant subordinated organizations in introduction of the new DRG case-based payment system for hospitals in 100 pilot hospitals

    3. To support the establishment of the institutional capacity of the MoH and the NHS and their relevant subordinated organizations for ensuring the maintenance and updating of the DRG system.

    4. To develop the road map for national-wide implementation of a DRG-based payment system.

    1. Review the current system of hospital reporting and data collection, and modernization and implementation of the new modified system.
    2. Provide support to the MoH/NHS in evidence-based decision making necessary for implementation of the payment system based on AR-DRG modification.
    3. Develop the hospital payment system which is based on DRG case-mix payment, identify necessary legal adjustments, and provide support to the MoH/NHS in development and improvement of the relevant regulatory framework.
    4. Support the implementation of the DRG-based payment system and ensure its monitoring in 100 pilot hospitals.
    5. Conduct the trainings for health financing policy makers, staff of the MOH and the NHS and their relevant subordinated organizations, doctors, statisticians and economists of the pilot hospitals (about 90 trainings for near 2000 participants).
    6. Plan and implement a relevant communication campaign which has to ensure development of understanding of the need to implement a DRG system among the reform participants and support of this process on their side.

    Oleksandra Betly, project leader (

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