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  • Ukraine in international migration flows: accepting challenges and forming an adequate response


    To identify key challenges of labour migration and to propose measures in the migration and economic policies for adequate response to the above challenges.

    • to study the magnitude of challenges that migration poses to the labour market in Ukraine; 
    • to identify key internal and external factors of modern migration processes in the country, their dynamics and scale in an international context; 
    • to identify and study features of Ukrainian migration and evaluation of its socio-economic impact (using survey data); 
    • to develop recommendations on steps the state migration policy based on research carried out analytical work; 
    • to promote the public debate on issues of migration and its impact on socio-economic development as an important component of public participation in shaping migration policy.
    • the complex (at the macro-and micro-level) analysis of migration processes and  assessment of the socio-economic consequences of labor migration in Ukraine; 
    • recommendations for state migration policy, taking into account both international trends in migration processes and the economic realities of Ukraine; 
    • promotion of the expert discussion on the issues of labor migration and its impact on socio-economic development; 
    • presentation of the research results at the round table "Ukrainian Labor Migration: Realities, Challenges and Responses" 16 December 2008.
    • Analytical report “The Labor Market in Ukraine: Challenges of Migration” (download content UA);
    • Analytical report “Socio-Economic Portrait of Ukrainian Migrant” (download content UA)

    06.2008 - 12.2008


    Oksana Kuziakiv

    Chief Executive, Head of the enter for Contemporary Society studies


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