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  • Project "Ukraine against Corruption: the Economic Front"


    This project was launched in 2018 and aims to estimate the economic impact of anti-corruption measures in Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity. The Institute has primarily focused its attention on the narrowing corruption opportunities brought about by reforms aimed at enhancing transparency and openness in the work of the government and increasing the efficiency of public administration. For the purpose of the analysis a limited number of measures were chosen in the sectors where corruption was traditionally considered as Ukraine's calling card.


    The main product of the project is the report "Ukraine's Fight against Corruption: The Economic Front" ( / eng), presented by the IER on July 12, 2018.


    The research in media:

    • TV channel "Priamyi": Igor Burakovsky announces the research results (read / watch)
    • TV channel "Priamyi": Breakfast with Ukrainian experts in Brussels on anti-corruption issues. Interview with Igor Burakovsky (watch)
    • Foreign Affairs: Ukraine's promising road to reforms (read)
    • Channel 5: Ukraine vs Corruption: live (watch)
    • Channel 5: Interview with Igor Burakovsky about reforms, economy and fight against corruption (watch)
    • Hromadske Radio: Fight agains corruption - How did they count it? Interview with Igor Burakovsky (read / listen)
    • Radio Svoboda: Ukraine gained $ 6 billion from the fight against corruption (read)
    • Economichna Pravda: Fighting Corruption Gives $ 6 Billion a Year (read)
    • Kraina magazine: Alexander Paskhaver cites IER research during his interview (read)

    Project leader: Igor Burakovsky,


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