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  • V4-Ukraine think tanks networking for public discussion on EU integration and advocacy of reforms


    Project “V4-Ukraine think tanks networking for public discussion on EU integration and advocacy of reforms” within V4EaP Extended Standard Grant Program of the International Visegrad Fund.

    The project is aimed to apply best practices and expertise of Visegrad think tanks to strengthen the rationale for Ukraine's EU integration in its public discourse.



    Project implementation is expected to bring the following benefits for Ukraine and EaP region:

    • improve Ukrainian think tanks communication and advocacy tools for promoting reforms and the country's Europeization;
    • make accurate and balanced information on current Ukrainian affairs in the field of EU integration available for wider Ukrainian expert community, journalists and other beneficiary groups;
    • develop policy recommendations for reforms in the field of Ukraine's political association and economic integration with the EU with reference to the expertise of V4 think tanks;
    • establishing a network among Ukrainian and V4 think tank experts, with the future prospects for its extension to V4-EaP think tank network.

    The main project components are:

    • expert workshop on European think tanks best practices in promoting public discussion and advocating reforms;
    • public discussion among V4 and Ukrainian experts via project website and 4 expert joint quarterly online papers;
    • final project conference and published brochure.

    "European Integration: Experience of V4 Countries and Ukrainian Reality" 

    "Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards a Common Approach"

    Report prepared by Central European Policy Institute, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Hungarian Institute of International Affairs and the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting


    • “Judicial Reform in Ukraine: Problems and Prospects” (UA   ENG)
    • "Transformation of V4 Judiciary" (UA   ENG)
    • "History and the present of Ukraine-NATO relations: implementation of the "non-bloc status" and its consequences" (UA   ENG)
    • "Defence Cooperation between Ukraine, the EU and NATO" (UA   ENG)
    • "The evolution of the National Military Strategy of Hungary in the light of NATO and EU-accession: lessons for Ukraine" (UA   ENG)
    • "Military doctrine of Ukraine and its adequacy in the framework of European integration" (UA   ENG)

    All project materials including regular comments and publications on topics related to the European integration are published on the special website (

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