Archive 2012

  • Quantifying barriers to energy efficiency measures to reduce GHG emissions


    To explore the main barriers to implementation of energy efficiency in Ukrainian enterprises. To quantify the barriers and transaction costs associated with energy efficiency options.

  • Investment Attractiveness of the Regions – 2013


    Identify investment potential, investment risk and investment climate as well as investment activity of the regions of Ukraine and following survey results, to design the index, and on its basis to establish the ranking of investment attractiveness of the regions (oblasts) of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine – Infrastructure Sector Report


    Goal: Prepare a comprehensive overview of the Ukrainian transport infrastructure market with an emphasis on sector opportunities for potential UK investors

  • Independent analysis of the healthcare reform progress in Ukraine


    - Evaluate progress of healthcare reform in pilot regions and outline current and potential problems of the reform implementation as well as impact of ongoing changes on access and quality of healthcare for population (including vulnerable categories);
    - Provide recommendations how to decrease the negative impact of identified problems;
    - Elaborate key elements of the road map of health care reform for other regions;
    - Develop scenarios for providing medical assistance to vulnerable population groups in the context of healthcare reform

  • Land Reform Barometer: Information and Advocacy Campaign


    Goal: To increase transparency on the farmland market

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