Project "Business Surveys"

IER Business Surveys – is monitoring, forecasting and analyzing business activity based “on the information received “from the ground up”– judgments and anticipations of economic agents – managers of firms and enterprises.


Project goal:

To investigate the impact of economic policy on business development through monitoring perceptions and expectations of managers.



Method of Business Tendency Survey (BTS) is applied for achieving project outcome.

BTS method is well-known tool for collecting information about a business and economic cycle. Priority is given to variables, which measure the early stages of production (e.g. new orders), respond rapidly to changes in economic activity (e.g. inventories), and measure business expectations or are sensitive to expectations (e.g. overall economic situation).


Main the outputs of the BTS:

  • Concise picture of economy or single branch
  • Leading “hints” concerning economic tendency in short- or middle-run for whole economy or single branch.
  • “Turning points” of the business cycle.


Main objectives of the Project:

  • To get independent and  reliable data about the economic situation at the micro-level 
  • To identify the key problems faced by firms in Ukraine
  • To provide with independent and non biased evaluation of business climate and forecast main economic tendencies 


Products and services:

  1. Quarterly report about perceptions and expectations of firms’ managers toward overall economic situation and firms’ performances (manufacturing, banks, services, special surveys).
  2. A time series of independent and reliable data for short- and medium term forecasting.
  3. Ad hoc surveys dedicated to deep study of particular problems and publication of the report with analysis of  obtained results (special surveys).
  4. Organization of seminars and debates with participation of policy-makers, businessmen, Ukrainian and international experts.
  5. Organization of round tables with participation of journalists to inform the public about economic situation and economic policy impact on business development.  
  6. Publication of the articles in newspapers, magazines and electronic mass media based on surveys findings


Target audience:

Target audience of the Project includes business community, policy-makers, representatives of international organizations, experts as well as academic and scientific community. Everyone will find in our products and services exactly what is needed:

  • Business – get the opportunity to improve planning activities in the short and medium term.
  • Policy makers – get the opportunity to monitor of impact of economic policy on economic situation and receive information of  відслідковувати вплив своєї політики на економічну ситуацію та obtain information about the effectiveness of implemented policy measures.
  • Academics and scientists – get additional source of information for research.


History of the Project

Since July 2002, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting has been continuing survey of 300 industrial enterprises of Ukraine, which was originally launched in 1996.
In 2007 we extended the survey to the banking sector of Ukraine.

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