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  • The results of the 4th (5th) wave the Grants Contest Consolidation for Ukraine's victory.08.05.2023

    The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting expresses its sincere gratitude to all those who participate in our permanent Grant Contest “Consolidation for Ukraine's victory".

    As of 24April 2023, we received more than 80 grant applications from many regions of Ukraine, and the Grant Commission at its meeting on 8 May recommended supporting the following 5 projects:

    Name of Organization

    Project name

    Region of Ukraine


    Public organization "Berezhany Creative Hub" (Berezhany)

    School-atelier "Berezhany"

    Berezhany, Ternopil region


    Public organization "Federation of amateur Mykolaiv theaters" (Mykolaiv)

    Interactive theater. Art therapy for IDPs

    Mykolaiv region


    Public organization "Women in Ukraine" (Ternopil)

    "We learn, we create, we communicate!" - adaptation of IDP children in the Ternopil community

    Ternopil region


    Public organization “Ekosphera” (Uzhhorod)

    A safe vacation with new friends

    Zakarpattia Region


    Public association "Light of Hope" (Zaporizhia)

    Integration of IDPs into the community of




    We kindly ask the winners of the competition to check the e-mail addresses indicated in the grant applications, because that`s where we`ll send all the information about the next steps.

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